Distancing Quaranstars

Join us this Saturday May 16th at 6pm(CET) for a Live & Online Dance Gala with stars of dance from around the globe.

This will be a unique live moment, 12 different dancers performing in their own locations and coming together on the DanceLive Europe network, to perform their own creations and premiere new pieces for you.

Distancing Quaranstars is a free performance aiming to connect in times of closed theatres and stages, which has separated artists and audience.
We want to show the world how artists are working every day and continue to strive to connect and share their passion with you.

This is also a time for the world to come together and offer support to each other. With this event, DanceLive Europe is supporting the charity Kidney Research UK, a non-profit organization, that is dedicated to kidney disease. Patients with kidney failure being infected with Covid-19 have little chance to survive. This charity is even closer to our hearts as one of our artists, Mara Galeazzi, herself suffered kidney failure that affected her professional work and her father recently passed away as the result of Covid-19 and kidney failure. All your donations during this performance will go to support the important work of Kidney Research UK.

We look forward to sharing with you these performances and appreciate your support in helping to reconnect the performing arts with audiences. Do not miss the show!

ZOOM MEETING ID: 384-425-3750

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