Yen Han Dance Centers’ Performances

Our annual school's performance for 2022 will take place at Yen Han Ballet Productions, Freihofstrasse 20. 8700 Küsnacht.

The year-end performance is a wonderful milestone for all our students of all ages to participate in this magical event where costumes, script, music, choreography, and sets are prepared with extreme care to bring this production together.

The school will perform" Hansel and Gretel", along with other choreographic works from Joanne Willmott, and divertissements from classical ballet repertoires.

Save the date and inform your family and friends! 
Follow us for more information in our website and social media. 
Where: Freihofstrasse 20, 8700 Küsnacht 
Tickets: CHF 30.- / Kids (0-12 years) CHF 15.- 
Tickets Reservation:
Tel: 076 421 28 18 

Location: Yen Han Ballet Productions, Freihofstrasse 20. 8700 Küsnacht

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