Thoughts of a silent night

"Thoughts of a silent night” shows different states of human behavior. It is mostly during the silence of night that our thoughts scream out loud inside our heads! These thoughts can be struggles, fears, doubts but also can be simply thoughts of happiness and love. With the right music I was able to show a few of these emotions and to create the right atmosphere on stage. I was very inspired by the beautiful dancers of the Shanghai ballet. Together, we searched for the right movement while combining my own style with the dancers' own individuality. This combination is what makes choreography exciting and challenging for me.

Echo of Shadow

Source of Inspiration

I ask myself, how does my past echo into the present and the future. A past, that could be described as a shadow, which has recorded every experience, sensation and memory. A shadow, triggered at times by external events or persons, involuntarily revealing some of my recorded past, echoing into the present moment. We have carried this shadow in an imaginary suitcase since the day we were born.

Shadows and echoes are both fleeting phenomena. The one can distort reality and make it almost magically unreal. The other involuntarily bounces backwards and forwards into infinity.

How do emotions echo within? How is our own shadow provoked to reveal itself to us?

From reflecting on those two questions, it will inspire me to approach the body from a different angle and to stay open to the dancers' own input.

In essence, a search for a place and time where the body becomes the medium for Shadow and Echo.

Ken Ossola

Choreographer: Ken Ossola
Productions: Shanghai Art Festival
Music: various works from Ezio Bosso /Steve Reich excerpt “Drumming 1”
Light designer: Ken Ossola
Costume designer: Yen Han and Ken Ossola
Piece length: 30 min about
Music length: 30 min about

Me Time

Each “Me Time “ video clip shares a moment of the artist in their element at work.

In a time of crisis, our survival skills and courage are challenged. Everything apart from the arts becomes first priority. The arts are challenged with finding new expressions and growth, like wild weeds in a new environment.

“Me Time” is inspired by the pandemic of COVID-19 to share the creative and spontaneous daily work of each artist in their own private space and time – an outlet for creatively sharing and reaching out to people.

In a time where social contact is possibly deadly, people are left with complex emotions. "Me Time” means transmitting from one soul to the other and helps each of us to feel ourselves again. We survive not only on food and water, we also feed on feelings of contact. “Me Time” is a reach out to all in a new era, and lets the arts continue, keeping our spirits strong and connected.